The Importance of Hobbies and Side-Hustles

These days, it seems like everyone around me is turning their hobby into a side-hustle and I admire them for it.
  • Most Mondays, my work bestie shows up with engagement and wedding photos she shot for friends. Photography is a hobby that she's very passionate about and she recently started offering professional sessions to friends at reduced rates. 
  • My mentor at church braids hair. She's made some beautiful, intricate styles on herself and when she gets the chance, she braids other people's hair for a fee
  • I've seen a food blogger I admire turn her love for cooking into a personal chef business that she tends to in the evenings after her day job is done
  • A friend who loves baseball just became a referee for the local league. He enjoys being involved with the sport, getting a workout in the process and the stipend he gets paid? Icing on the cake
I envy the excitement I see in those people whenever they talk about what they're doing on the side and I want to emulate them. Here's why:
We all work long and stressful hours and sometimes it feels like you're living a monotonous work-home life and dying slowly with nothing distinguishing you from the next 9-5 zombie. Everyone needs a passion, a hobby, something that takes you out of that monotony mindset and engages you body, mind and soul. 
I love to read but I know it doesn't give me that extra zap in my body that I see in theirs. I think I need a creative hobby or one that involves physical activity so reading doesn't count.The hobby needs to engage my mind AND my body and I'm desperately looking for it. Once I find it, I'll consider turning it into a side-hustle. Not for the money but for the satisfaction of being paid for doing something I love. It's like a power-shot to life and I need that power-shot.

Extra Notes - Possible hobbies
Cooking, baking, team sports, playing an instrument, playing in a band, joining a choir, sewing, knitting, crochet, jewelry making, photography, painting, sculpture, writing for local media, writing a blog etc. This is a short list but the options are endless. Pick one that you can love and run with it!

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