End of Year Financial Housekeeping

Merry Christmas y'all and how's the boxing day going? As this is the last week of the year 2015, I'm doing some financial housekeeping to round up the year. A few tasks on the to do list:
  • Review kids' RESP contributions and top up account to receive maximum government grant as necessary
  • Review home and car insurance needs and talk to broker
  • Review investment portfolio for tax optimization of gains and losses
  • Register kids for any activities planned for next year that will be covered by the Fitness and Art credit if we haven't reached the limit
  • Review my main rewards (loyalty) accounts to see if any action is needed in the next 60 days. e.g My British Airways mileage account will lose points due to dormancy by end of February so I used some points to book car rental for an upcoming weekend trip
  • Start making notes on 2016 budget
What about you? Any housekeeping plans?

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