TIL: Make Goals not Resolutions

I rarely make New Year resolutions; however I do make goals. Most of my goals are actually set year round but most likely in December.

When I was single, my goals were primarily financial and geared towards building my networth. Once I got married, my goals shifted towards sustaining the marriage and associated relationships. Ten plus years down the line, I'm better able to manage both financial and relationship goals. In no particular order, my goals for the year include:

  • Restructuring my (our) assets to ensure they are all income generating in line with our primary retirement goal of funding retirement living with dividends and other investment yields
  • Be a creator not just a consumer of wealth. Generate alternative income in the time I spend away from my job
  • Stick to the family budget plan especially regarding food, furniture and home renovations. Those categories are under my control and I tend to make impulsive buys and decisions
  • Prepare myself mentally and emotionally for version 2.0 of my career. This break is giving me a chance to redefine what I want in terms of work-life balance and lifestyle
  • Take kids to Disneyland on a reasonable budget 
  • Be present to coach and shelter my kids through kindergarten (their first year of formal schooling)
  • Become physically stronger by minding my exercise and diet
  • Stay true to my minimalist wardrobe - buy only replacements or wardrobe holes
I've talked about intentional living ever so often on this blog and all those goals above constitute the big picture. Zooming into the details, each goal requires daily conscious decision making viz choosing to go shopping with the kids and spend the time connecting instead of leaving them at home, shopping without my credit card, parking a little further from the store entrance so I can walk, resisting those incredible chocolate croissants/crepes/dim sum etc.

I have goals not resolutions. Will I achieve them by year end? 

Well, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

What goals are you taking bites off this year?

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