TIL: You Are What You Consume

You really are what you consume. We all are. And no, this is not a post to induce guilt about your eating habits. Not today anyway. This is about the mind.
The mind dwells on what we feed it
The things we consume with our eyes and ears daily will always plant roots in our mind; no matter how shallow. What's on your blog list? Instagram? Twitter?

Case in point

  • After all the high-profile shootings of unarmed black people in the last 2 years, I started following rights activists on Twitter. The outcome, I became more aware and also angrier. One result I liked, one result I didn't.
  • I discover a home decor blog that I like. I start following the blog. Then I follow the people they follow. Soon, I'm ripping my guest room apart for a DIY project I have no business undertaking
  • I start following a fashion blogger on Instagram. Then two, then three and next thing you know, I'm taking a second look at clothing stores and shopping more
I don't consider myself to be a person that follows the herd, but the truth is that if the mind is exposed to something for long enough, it sticks and then begins to influence how we live.

So the solution? Consume media that deals with your life goals. 

Want to be smarter with money? Find a few personal finance blogs that appeal to you. 

Want to live more intentionally? Find a writer practically living the life you dream of and follow them.

"You really are what you consume". This realization came to me today as  I read down my Bloglovin feed. I decluttered my Bloglovin and Instagram feeds over the weekend and what's left is so refreshing. Try it!

PS: It's okay to regularly edit our social media following. There are times and seasons in life where following a particular feed is beneficial but once you outgrow each other, move on before it becomes clutter or digital noise


  1. Great post! I definitely agree! I always try to fill my life and mind with positive things and things that will help me develop and grow into the person I desire to be.

  2. Great post! Really made me think... now, off to take a good look at what I'm consuming digitally!


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