Book Review: Happier At Home

I'm a new subscriber to the Modern Mrs Darcy and when she included the book Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin on the list of books she reads over and over again, my attention was piqued.

See, I've never read a book by "mom" blogger because over the last few years, there's been a proliferation of the blogger-to-author trend and with all trends, I'm sure the books produced will range from great to mediocre and I didn't want to be the quality-sorter. So with MMD's stamp of approval, I felt safer checking this book out of the library.


It was an informative read. I liked the concept of the author making a resolution to make her home a happier place and I enjoyed the first few chapters. There are some personality quirks that I share with the author so I picked some good tips from the first few chapters on possessions, marriage and parenthood.

The parenthood chapter will have to be my favorite especially the concept of "Underreact to a problem". I'm tryna put this in practice with my kids.

As the book progressed however, I started to get a bit bored by all the minutiae of the personal details and stories. But then again, this book is about one person's account of a personal happiness project so personal book = personal stories right?!

Conclusion: Even though I skimmed through the second half of the book, I find myself implementing little things I read in the first few chapters that I liked. I've started putting fresh flowers around my home because I realized that flowers make me happy. I'm reacting more positively to the minor irritations around the house and yes, I am getting happier. So should you read this book? Absolutely! It may not be a keeper for my bookshelf, but it was a worthy read.

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