Cost Versus Value of a Concert

According to our family calendar, May was a PACKED month. Soccer lessons, golf lessons, swimming lessons, 2 birthday parties, 2 concerts, 1 long weekend PLUS Mothers' day. Suffice to say, life was full of experiences and lessons. My biggest takeaway from May

Money =/= Value
I don't really have a bucket list, but somewhere at the back of my mind I had the goal of attending a live concert. I scratched that goal off the list this month when I caught a Chris Tomlin concert and a Beyonce concert back to back in Edmonton.

My original intent was just the Beyonce concert, but when I found out that Chris Tomlin was in town that same weekend (and his Calgary tickets were sold out) I tacked that on to my Edmonton weekend trip. I left the Chris Tomlin concert with a feeling of WOW! 90 minutes of great music with strangers who I knew were all part of my heavenly family; all worshiping one great God. Plus I got a free CD and download of one of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs. The only description I have for this experience is surreal.

Then the next day, it was Beyonce's turn. Not so wow. It was cold and rainy in an uncovered stadium. Even poor Beyonce said this was the coldest spot she had ever performed in. And perform she did. She's a hardworking, A+ entertainer and I admire how she has grown in her craft. However, as the night progressed, I could not help but contrast the atmosphere of human #fandoration in the stadium to the atmosphere of joyful worship of the night before.

Even though the Beyonce concert tickets cost me 6 times more than the Chris Tomlin concert tickets; their value to my soul was the reverse. With these two concerts, I relearned that
money or cost is not a direct measure of value 
and my next concert will likely be a christian concert and definitely in a closed arena.

Did you get any life lightbulb moments in May? Check out what other writers have to share on their lessons here. 

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  1. Awesome post! I love Chris Tomlin and your post made me want even more to attend one of his concerts.


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