Should Santa Be Part of Christmas?

Christmas was a big deal in the home I grew up in. We'd decorate the walls with shiny garlands and pile an inordinate number of ornaments and lights onto our 3 feet artificial tree. We'd play Boney M's Christmas Album ad nauseum and spend significant time and money getting our Christmas clothes ready for the big day. Of course, the highlight of the season for me was when the presents mysteriously appeared under the tree a few minutes after midnight of December 25.

I knew Father Christmas wasn't real but my dad worked hard at convincing us otherwise. It was all part of the joy and magic of Christmas and something I wanted to do for my kids. So of course, I
follow the whole Santa Claus narrative but recently I've been questioning whether it's in our best interest as a family.

"Should our family make Santa a part of Christmas?"

Mom: Keep Christ in and Santa out
I emphasize to my kids that Christmas is about Jesus Christ coming to the world. Jesus was God's gifts to humanity so we celebrate and remember this act of divine love and generosity by giving gifts to the people we love. I believe that the Santa hoopla distracts from the real reason for the season. Santa has no role in our family's Christmas story

Mama: Santa is Part of the Magic of Childhood
I dread the day when my kids will stop believing in Santa. I believe that the fable of Santa is part of the magic of Christmas and childhood and something every child should get to enjoy. The concept of Santa has helped me develop some wonderful Christmas traditions with my kids: writing and mailing the letters to Santa, baking cookies for Santa etc.

AfriMom's Take
I'm ready to transition from Mama to Mom.

I see my kids getting caught up in the superficiality of a fat dude with questionable taste in fashion who's going to give them everything they wish for. Their lists of wants this year spilled over to 5 pages of 10+ items each. Sure they're just 6 years old but I don't want them getting sucked into the commercialization of Christmas. Plus, it's time they knew that presents come from mom and dad who've worked very hard to be able to afford them. My fear is that the concept of Santa is a threat to my kids' ability to view the season as a time to celebrate the birth of Christ and be grateful for the gifts they receive.

This just may be the last year that Santa takes center stage in the AfriMom Family Christmas!

If you celebrate Christmas, what role does Santa play in it?

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