10 Things to Buy In January

After the dust has settled on the commercial celebration of Christmas, it's time for the frugals (aka ME) to stock up on some knick-knacks. I refuse to pay full price for Christmas decor and there's no better time to get them at a discount than the last week of December and the first week of January. This applies to more than Christmas decor though.

Here's a list of 10 things to buy after Christmas. Expect to pay 50-75% off full price for these items

  1. Tree ornaments especially the fancy ones from Hallmark stores and department stores
  2. Christmas tree. Got one from Walmart, hence the picture
  3. Holiday gift wrapping paper, gift tags and doodahs
  4. Tree skirt
  5. Victoria Secret undies. Their semi-annual sale is typically December/January
  6. Bath and Bodyworks 3-wick scented candles. Another semi-annual sale haul
  7. Bath and Bodyworks handsoaps. I buy enough to stock up all 3 bathrooms in the house for up to 6 months. 
  8. Kids' winter gear (jackets, snowpants and boots) start getting serious markdowns in January so I buy for the next season now
  9. Jeans and dresses from Gymboree at Gymbucks redemption time mid-January. I find that jeans and party dresses offer the best value when using Gymbucks
  10. Fitness gear. Not me, not this year but January is a great time to get deals on gym memberships and fitness gear
There it is! I've already restocked on my Bath and Bodyworks favorites and patiently waiting on Gymboree and Victoria's Secret. What about you? Do you buy steady year round or target certain items on a seasonal basis?

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