Happy New Year! Have a Plan!

So, 2016 finally lumbered it's way into the annals of history and 2017 is here in all its yet-to-be-known glory. I, for one, am looking forward to what the next 12 months will bring and trying to put my goals on paper - I don't make resolutions, I set goals.

So what are the goals I've set for 2017? I've outlined them here and hope they can serve as a springboard for you if you're stuck on writing your 2017 life goals

Personal Development Goals

  • Build on a hobby; old or new. For me, my joint Christmas-birthday present to myself was a fancy new camera and I intend to devote some time to learning how to take better photos
  • Read a new-to-you book genre to expand your mind.
  • Watch a Ted Talk or a documentary on mind and body care. I promise you, some of those Netflix documentaries will change your relationship with food forever
Financial Goals
  • Don't leave free money on the table. I'll expand on this in a different post
  • Have a plan for every dollar that comes into your life. This is more than just budgeting. It's having a plan that focuses on the short and long term goals you have for this critical resource.
  • Get educated. Learn something new about taking charge and care of your finances. It can be anything from attending a continuing education course to subscribing to blogs and/magazines that teach financial concepts
Parenting Goals
  • Set learning goals for your kids outside of whatever they're going to study in school. I use this goal to determine which lessons the kids will be registered for and there's always a creative goal (music, art etc) and a body image goal (gymnastics, dance etc)
Travel Goals
  • Aside from a highly-anticipated trip to Houston later in the year, the plan is to stay closer to home this year. Staycation is the word.
Does this list trigger any goals for you? If not, here are two resources that can prove useful

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