TIL: Where Character and Skin Color Collide

Today is US Inauguration Day. It's the day that Donald Trump gets sworn in as the 45th President of the United States exactly 8 years after Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President (and first one of African descent)

Today I Mourn!

I'm not mourning Obama leaving office; we all knew the US presidency was a 4 or 8 year gig. No that's not what forces tears to my eyes. It's once again, in the history of humanity; the solid and total rejection of the black race.

Too dramatic?

America had 8 years of a President that turned pulled their economy back from the brink of depression, initiated legislature to guarantee justice for the quietly suffering, put his job on the line in the fight for affordable healthcare, cared about how we leave the earth for our children and to top it up was an exemplary husband and father. Under any other circumstances, Americans should be picking up their chisels to immortalize him on Mount Rushmore. But he's black! And the collective psyche of the euro-origined people of America rejects anything associated with blackness no matter how good.
The content of his character did not matter enough to supersede the color of his skin. 
Americans rejected Obama's blackness by voting for a man who is the opposite of everything Barack Obama stood for - even at the expense of their own personal wellbeing.

The European explorers of the early centuries who journeyed to Africa frequently used certain phrases to describe the people they found there: savage and beasts being the most common. The subhuman characterization of Africans made the crimes of slavery and racism easier to justify for the perpetrators. It also sowed a deep and multi-generational seed that the heights of humanity cannot be attained from listening to or emulating a person of African descent. How can a human emulate a sub-human?

That is what I grieve. That this multi-generational seed of evil triumphed over basic decency and enough Americans felt comfortable choosing a leader who embraced racism, misogyny, ignorance and xenophobia without apology.

Today, Donald Trump is crowned as "leader of the free world" not because people admire him (his approval rating in the lowest for an incoming president in modern history at 37%) but because enough voters reject the continuation of a brilliant legacy if that legacy is to be traced back to the dark continent.

I'm so glad my kids are too young to ask questions that I cannot answer with any degree of hope or optimism concerning this time we're living in.

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