Romancing The Kids on Valentines Day

3 days before valentines day, my twin girls asked me if they could take some cards and/gifts to school to celebrate the official day of commercialized love. My instinctive answer was no because

  • I didn't want to contribute to yet another over-done, over-sensationalized day
  • I didn't want to spend on gifts for 40 kids 
  • I prefer to commemorate only special days in the church calendar like Christmas and Easter

The more I thought about it, the more I questioned my initial "No". On one side of the coin is my disdain for how so many special days have been boiled down into "how much will you spend to enjoy the day?" The other side of the coin however is that I realized that I do want my daughters to know what demonstrations of love look and feel like. I want them to feel special all the time and extra-special at special times. In their young lives, their father and I are best equipped to do that - we're truly their first loves and our actions will set the tone and stage for their expectations in future relationships.

So against my initial resistance, I set about to give my daughters a romantic valentines day to let them know they are loved everyday and we have no problems being over-the-top about expressing our love for them. So what's the love day plan?

  1. Write the kids a love letter telling them how much you love them and why. Be specific. Or make them a card just like they would make for you. Personalization is the key here. 
  2. Present them with flowers: a bouquet from the store or a few handpicked ones from the yard. It's definitely the thought that counts. After reading Happier At Home (see my review here), I bought a few flower vases including one for each girl to keep on her nightstand. The flowers go in there and the girls love randomly running to their room to smell their roses. 
  3. Wine and dine them. Have a special meal at home or in a restaurant. Go fancy. Use some candles, the good silverware and maybe even dress-up
Those are the 3 things we're doing to romance our daughters these year. They don't have to cost a thing and I'd like to make them a valentine's day tradition in our home. I know the memories will be worth it.

Do you romance your kids on valentines day?

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  1. I think this is such a brilliant idea. For me Valentines Day should be about celebrating love, (not necessarily by throwing money at it), and so what nicer way to include our children in the celebrations and let them know just how much they are loved too. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x


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