Winter Self Care

Life's seasons are a reflection of the earth's seasons: spring, summer, fall and of course winter. One necessity of "adulting" is that sooner or later we'll go through each of the four seasons and how do we cope? Spring, summer and fall can seem fairly easy to handle when compared to the heaviness of winter.


Sometimes it gets so cold and dreary that we miss out on seeing the beauty that is still hidden all around us. That's where self-care comes in. Out of all the seasons, winter is perhaps the one that threatens our "self" the most and requires an intentional goal of self-care. Like Anne of Modern Mrs Darcy puts it, "Even though most of us can easily articulate what’s killing us, few of us pay attention to what’s giving us life."

So what's giving me life in this season? Self care! Taking care of my mind, body, soul and spirit. 

Mind care with photography: The mind is that part of us that needs to be ever learning and improving and the best way to nurture the mind is to learn or improve on a creative skill. For me, that's photography. My Christmas gift to myself was a fancy camera to replace my 10 year old point and shoot. Then I challenged myself to a family photo-a-day project. Learning to use my camera, taking photos of my family and finding the hidden beauty of the winter scenes are just a few of the things nurturing my mind right now

Body Care with scented candles: Another part of self care is body care - something that nourishes one of the 5 senses and gives the body a heightened state of pleasure. For me, that something is scented candles; specifically Bath and Bodyworks 3-wick candles. I stocked up during their semi-annual sale and a few hours of having one lit every evening is so relaxing. Plus (bonus) my house smells less of whatever I've been cooking.

Soul Care with The Big Bang Theory: I think of my soul as the emotional part that can be nurtured with joyful but mindless activity or any activity that brings laughter. For me that activity is watching old episodes of The Big Bang Theory. It's the only TV I watch these days.

Spirit Care with a sermon series: My church just finished a 3 part sermon series titled "Ghosts upon the earth". It's a series that tackles the issue of mental health within the church community. It's a topic that's often avoided so I really appreciated the leadership bringing it to the forefront of discussion with the aim of us learning to give care instead of seek to cure as the solution for every mental health challenge we see around us.

What's helping me care for my self this winter of uncertainty? It's those four things. 


  1. Hey. I found you via MMD and am just saying - so as not to be a silent blog reader - thank you for sharing your thoughts here! Please keep on cause I want to keep reading you. (+ I like to eat food other people cook too.)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Jennifer

  2. I love your list! I'm doing a photo-a-day project this year, too, and it's on my list of things saving my life.


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